Back to basics - babies, bodies and behaviour

Clinging Young

February 1, 2019
An episode to discuss Mel Cyrilles latest book Clinging Young: Science of In-Arms Carrying. We get in to carrying as a developmental process and Ulrika reflect on the book through her experience of in arms and communication with her baby Vera 6 month old.

Back to basics - babies, bodies and behaviour is run by Mel Cyrille and Ulrika Casselbrant. 

Mel Cyrille is a babywearing and in-arms consultant and trainer. Mel is the author of In-arms Carrying and is also a doula.

Ulrika Casselbrant is a babywearing and elimination communication consultant. She runs a peer supporting course in babywearing and elimination communication and is the author of books about elimination communication and baby sign language in Swedish, Bebis på pottan and Babytecken. Ulrika is also a doula.

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