Back to basics - babies, bodies and behaviour

In-arms carrying - with Henrik Norholt

April 2, 2019

This episode is our 2nd guest episode with Dr. Henrik Norholt, discussing in-arms carrying, where we go into the benefits of the hip as the go-to active carrying position amongst other things.

Back to basics: babies, bodies and behaviour is an informative podcast brought to you by Mel Cyrille and Ulrika Casselbrant. Mel is a babywearing and in-arms carrying trainer, and the author of “In-arms Carrying” and “Clinging Young”. She’s an independent researcher and lectures on various aspects of in-arms carrying. Ulrika is a babywearing and elimination communication consultant, and in-arms carrying peer supporter. She is a trainer in babywearing and elimination communication and incorporates in-arms carrying. She’s the author of books about elimination communication and baby sign language in Swedish, “Bebis på pottan” and “Babytecken”. Ulrika is also a doula.

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