Back to basics - babies, bodies and behaviour

Neurodevelopment - with Zoe Woodman part 2

May 6, 2019

Neurodevelopment and the brains plasticity in relation to carrying and parenting.

In this episode we have a focus on the brain with Zoe Woodman. Zoe has a degree in psychology, is a babywearing consultant and runs the Sling Consultancy. She specialize in the science of carrying linked to attachment, brain development, and ACES. We had so much to talk about so the episode is split into two.

Link to study on oxytocin mentioned in part one: Adult attachment predicts maternal brain and oxytocin response to infant cues

Back to basics: babies, bodies and behavior is an informative podcast brought to you by Mel Cyrille and Ulrika Casselbrant. Mel is a babywearing and in-arms carrying trainer, and the author of "In-arms Carrying" and "Clinging Young". She's an independent researcher and lectures on various aspects of in-arms carrying. Ulrika is a babywearing and elimination communication consultant, and in-arms carrying peer supporter. She is a trainer in babywearing and elimination communication and incorporates in-arms carrying. She's the author of books about elimination communication and baby sign language in Swedish, "Bebis på pottan" and "Babytecken". Ulrika is also a doula.

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